I don’t know if this is supposed to be about me or about my blog. Okay, let’s try both. Hi! I’m an Aquarian water baby with a love for beaches and cold weather. Odd combination, I know. I love traveling and seeing new places, and always end up leaving a piece of myself everywhere I go.

Welcome to my beach bucket list! For a person who loves the cold (and I mean really loves the cold), it’s strange that the first thing I look for when we’re planning a vacation is whether or not there’s a beach. Warm sand under my toes, the smell of the sea, and the cool, cool water are definitely some of my favorite things in the world – definitely right up there with pizza, that’s for sure.

This isn’t a typical travel blog where I’m giving you feedback on the places I’ve been to. This isn’t going to have suggestions of places to go to. This blog is about my experiences with places I’ve been to, and experiences I’d like to have at places I’m dying to go to (of which there are tons). This blog contains personal insights, thoughts and reflections I’ve had at these places. And mainly beaches, because, well, it’s what speaks to me most.

All photos are my own unless mentioned.